Nick Reaches Sankyu

Nick-sankyuHere’s Nick, thumbs up for sure, showing off his sankyu (brown belt) certificate. He passed his test on August 16th with flying colors. He has always been a courageous karateka and this latest promotion is just one more example of how Nick sticks to it and gets it done. Congratulations.

Black Belt Promotions

On October 4th, 2014, Dan Means and Jo Bonanno completed the challenge and earned their new dan* ranks.

Back row:
Back row: Kraig Schlosser, godan (5th dan), Carolyn Berg, yondan (4th dan), James Brumbaugh, rokudan (6th dan), Terry Sanders, hanshi, Bruce Baird, yondan (4th dan).

Front row: Jo Bonanno, nidan (2nd dan), Dan Means, sandan (3rd dan)

Following the new dan promotions, in a low-key but much appreciated ceremony, Terry Sanders, hanshi promoted Sensei Kraig Schlosser to sichidan (7th dan) and Sensei Jim Brumbaugh to hachidan (8th dan).

Left to right: Sensei Kraig Schlosser, sichidan (7th dan), Terry Sanders, hanshi, Sensei Jim Brumbaugh, hachidan (8th dan)

*Dan (pronounced “don”) is the Japanese term for black belt rank. For example, rokudan means 6th dan or 6th degree black belt.

The title of Hanshi means a senior expert, considered a “teacher of teachers”. Hanchi Sanders is the highest ranking person in our style of karate and the style head of Shorei-ryu.

Poker Tournament

James wins the August 2014 Odayaka Poker Tournament.

An Odayaka-style Poker Tournament is a unique contest in which the players must demonstrate excellent karate techniques in order to get a card. Each student gets seven cards and the best poker hand wins. It was a close contest with both James and Evan holding flushes, but James’ was just a bit higher. Great competition everyone!


The dojo will be closed on Saturday, April 20th and Monday, April 22nd. Enjoy the holiday weekend!