Black Belt Promotions

On October 4th, 2014, Dan Means and Jo Bonanno completed the challenge and earned their new dan* ranks.

Back row:
Back row: Kraig Schlosser, godan (5th dan), Carolyn Berg, yondan (4th dan), James Brumbaugh, rokudan (6th dan), Terry Sanders, hanshi, Bruce Baird, yondan (4th dan).

Front row: Jo Bonanno, nidan (2nd dan), Dan Means, sandan (3rd dan)

Following the new dan promotions, in a low-key but much appreciated ceremony, Terry Sanders, hanshi promoted Sensei Kraig Schlosser to sichidan (7th dan) and Sensei Jim Brumbaugh to hachidan (8th dan).

Left to right: Sensei Kraig Schlosser, sichidan (7th dan), Terry Sanders, hanshi, Sensei Jim Brumbaugh, hachidan (8th dan)

*Dan (pronounced “don”) is the Japanese term for black belt rank. For example, rokudan means 6th dan or 6th degree black belt.

The title of Hanshi means a senior expert, considered a “teacher of teachers”. Hanchi Sanders is the highest ranking person in our style of karate and the style head of Shorei-ryu.

Poker Tournament

James wins the August 2014 Odayaka Poker Tournament.

An Odayaka-style Poker Tournament is a unique contest in which the players must demonstrate excellent karate techniques in order to get a card. Each student gets seven cards and the best poker hand wins. It was a close contest with both James and Evan holding flushes, but James’ was just a bit higher. Great competition everyone!