Kata, or formal exercises, are pre-arranged series of self-defense techniques performed against multiple, imaginary opponents. Kata are the framework of our system and require precise execution of every technique. The fourteen kata studied within the adult Seito Shorei-ryu curriculum are:

  1. Gekisai – student’s form or crushing the opponent
  2. Sanchin – three conflicts or student breath form
  3. Saifa – the final breaking point or breaking through form
  4. Wansu – dragon boy/strong arm dumping form
  5. Anaku – pivoting and turning or light from the south form
  6. Sepai – 18 hands form honoring Shaolin-tsu
  7. Kararunha – holding the ground form
  8. Rohai – vision of a white heron form
  9. Seiunchin – eye of the storm or nature’s first heavenly form
  10. Bassai – breaching a fortress
  11. Naihanchi – stealthy fighting to the sides or iron horse form
  12. Niseshi – difficult victory form
  13. Suparinpe – the final hands form
  14. Kusanku – view the sky form