Adult Karate

adultsOur adult karate class is for students 14 and up*.

We teach a unique version of Okinawan karate that:

  • Is suitable for individuals of any age or fitness level
  • Progresses according to individual ability levels
  • Has small classes to ensure lots of individual attention
  • Provides friendly peer support from more advanced students
  • Is based on traditional Okinawan karate with practical strategies and defensive skills for everyday life situations
  • Improves flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Builds self-confidence and stress management

Class Times

See our new Class Schedule.

Tuition & Fees

Pay month-to-month – no contracts!

  • $65 per month for individuals
  • $95 per month for families
  • $25 rank testing fee

* Students around age 14 may be placed in either the adult or kids class depending on which class would provide them the most benefit.