Elizabeth Earns Junior Orange

Elizabeth took her Jr. Orange belt test on Monday, July 13th. She did a fantastic job, showing great improvement in focus and technique. She also had the opportunity to experience outdoor sparring, and adapted well. Sending congratulations and well done to her!

Kevin Earns Gokyu

Here’s Kevin with his well-deserved gokyu belt and certificate, which he earned on July 2nd. It was a long time coming, but he put in the work and showed solid techniques on his test. Congratulations Kevin!

Another Successful Shugyo

Another Odayaka shugyo is officially in the books. It was windy and mostly cloudy, but we avoided any major rain.

A special thanks to Lynn Forbes for putting together and running a great shugyo, especially with all the social distancing modifications that had to be made. It was still a great workout!

For the complete photo album, visit https://photos.app.goo.gl/wwzsUci8u6KEUJ6A6 (photos courtesy of Sensei Brumbaugh).

Charles gains Orange stripe

Charles continued to train and gain skills through zoom class sessions and advanced enough that he took and passed his orange striped white belt test. Congratulations, Charles who now has graduated to the Juniors program.

Steve Earns Hachikyu

On February 11th, Steve took his hachikyu (yellow belt) test and did an excellent job. His hard work paid off with some great techniques and a solid kata. He even made it past some challenging rounds of kumite. Good job, Steve!

Jeff Reaches Jukyu

Jeff took his first test on January 21st and passed it with some strong techniques. He puts in the work during class and it showed. Here he is with his jukyu (1-tip) certificate – congratulations, Jeff!

Gab Gains Ikkyu

On December 10, Gab took that final brown belt test and, as expected, did very well. Her technique was crisp and flawless, as was her kata and sparring. Now it’s on to black belt, where we’d expect her to do just as well. Congratulations.

Thanksgiving Holiday

The dojo will be closed on Thursday, November 28th (Thanksgiving Day) and Saturday, November 30th for Thanksgiving.

And as Bruce always says: “Eat lots of pie, and be ready to work it off on Tuesday!”

Josh Reaches 1st Brown Belt

On October 24th, Josh took his third and final brown belt test and showed just how hard he’s been working over the past few months. His kata was solid and he endured a lively sparring round with three black belt opponents. He’s now on his way to preparing for the big one – his first degree black belt. Congratulations Josh!

Josh with his 1st degree brown belt and certificate