Josh Reaches 1st Brown Belt

On October 24th, Josh took his third and final brown belt test and showed just how hard he’s been working over the past few months. His kata was solid and he endured a lively sparring round with three black belt opponents. He’s now on his way to preparing for the big one – his first degree black belt. Congratulations Josh!

Josh with his 1st degree brown belt and certificate

Emily Passes 1-Tip Test

Here’s Emily with her new test certificate in hand and a new 1-tip on her belt. She put in the practice time and showed some great techniques on her test. Now she’s moving on towards her next rank. Congratulations Emily!

Kalvin Earns Yellow Stripe

Kalvin is all smiles, and for a good reason – he passed his yellow stripe test on October 3rd with flying colors. Kalvin is a hard worker in class, and his techniques show it. Now it’s on to new material and his next rank. Great job Kalvin!

Wayne Earns Jukyu

Wayne works hard in class and on September 17th, he took his first test and passed it with some really strong techniques. He’s already started work on his next rank requirements. Here he is with his certificate – great job, Wayne!

Steve Earns Kukyu

Here’s Steve with his new kukyu (2 tips) certificate. He took his test on Saturday, August 24th and showed some really solid techniques. He’s already started on the material for his next rank. Great job Steve!

Emma Reaches Junior Orange

Here is Emma with her newly-earned junior orange belt and certificate. Emma is a very hard worker and showed some great techniques on her test. Now she’s on her way to blue belt. Congratulations Emma!

Emma earns junior orange

Charles Gains 2-Tips

On July 18th, Charles took his second test and passed it with some really good techniques. Now he’s on toward his next rank test. Here he is with his certificate – great job, Charles!

Kalvin Earns 2-Tips

On July 2nd, Kalvin passed his second test and showed some strong techniques. Now he’s working towards his next rank. Here he is with his certificate. Great job, Kalvin!

Elizabeth Gains Brown Stripe

May 30 and the much anticipated brown-striped white belt test began.  Only the second time at Odayaka has someone gotten this far in the Little Dragons and Elizabeth wasn’t going to tarnish the history of that accomplishment.  She nailed it!  Excellent techniques, combinations and some good sparring against tough opponents.  Congratulations, Elizabeth.

Neil Earns Jukyu

On May 21st, Neil took his first test and earned his jukyu certificate. He’s been working hard on his techniques and it showed on his test. He’s already on his way to the next one. Great job Neil!

Adriana Passes Test

May 14th, Adriana took and passed her 2-Tips test.  She exhibited some excellent techniques, being extremely careful to do each movement with near perfect execution.  Congratulations, Adriana.

Deacon Reaches 2-Tips

May 7th, Deacon took his second test and passed it with some really good techniques and a lot of enthusiasm.  And now he’s on toward the next step.  Here he is with his certificate.  Great job, Deacon.

Tai Chi Schedule

Below is the Tai Chi class schedule for the next few weeks before the summer break.

  • Wednesday, May 8
  • Monday, May 13
  • Monday, May 20
  • Wednesday, May 29
  • Monday, June 3

Classes will resume in September after school starts. More information coming soon. Enjoy the summer!

Tim Tests for Yellow

April 30, Tim passed his third test and was promoted to shichikyu.   Tim has come back with a vengeance and trains regularly, works hard when he’s at the dojo and tries to perfect his techniques.  All that showed during his test.  Congratulations, Tim.