June Events

June is looking to be an eventful month at Odayaka! On Saturday, June 2nd, Jo will be taking her sandan (3rd degree black belt) test. There will be a party Saturday evening to celebrate.

On Sunday, June 3rd, we will have a seminar with special guest instructor Ed Wojciechowski. Sensei Wojciechowski is a 7th degree black belt in Shorin Ryu, another Okinawan style of karate similar to ours. He teaches at A Center for the Martial Arts just outside of Chicago. He will be sitting on the board for Jo’s test on Saturday and has offered to show us some of his self defense and weapon techniques on Sunday. Don’t miss it!

Graydon has donated his company’s suite and 20 tickets for the Lake County Captains game on Friday, June 15th. Sign up now for tickets!

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Upcoming Events

Flashcards Are Here!

We’ve found that many students struggle with learning all of the Japanese terms we use, especially when first starting out in the adult class. To help get you up to speed, we’ve put together flashcards to help you study and memorize the Japanese terms for all of the different techniques in our system. There’s a deck of cards for each belt rank with terms and pictures. We also included the test questions from the bottom of each test sheet.

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Dojo Cleaning

Part of being a good karate student is helping to keep the dojo tidy. Here’s proof that teenage boys can actually do house cleaning (although we’re sure they do this at home all the time anyway).

Toys for Tots Campaign

Toys for Tots Christmas logoThis year our holiday charity drive will focus on the Toys for Tots campaign. In order to boost our collection of toys, the dojo will institute a “give a toy, get a ticket” plan. The strategy is that when anyone donates a toy, they will put their name on a ticket that will be placed into a drawing for special prizes. First prize will be a new headgear; second prize, a new pair of sparring gloves; third, a new pair of boots; fourth, a mitsutomoe patch for your gi.

Important! To ensure that students get credit for the toy they donate, every student needs to give the toy to a black belt. Do not put the toy directly into the donation box when you bring it in. The drawing for prizes will be held during the Holiday Demo on December 9th. Let’s make this the best year ever for contributions to needy children!