Gab Gains Nikyu

On November 15th, Gab stepped on the mat and proceeded to show what a nikyu (2nd class brown belt) test done well looks like.  She ran through all the waza, the kata and then did a remarkable job against three higher ranking opponents in sparring.  Great job, Gab.  Tell her congratulations when you see her.

Dan Earns Yondan

On November 8, 2018, Dan came to class just like every other time over the last few years.  But that day was different because it was the honor of Odayaka Martial Arts to present him with his yondan (4th degree black belt) certificate.  After years of work, lots of prerequisites including a terrific project that is now on this website, he completed the final exam with over 90% correct.  Congratulations, Dan.  Well done.

Elizabeth Gains Green-Stripe

On August 7, after patiently waiting a long time, Elizabeth finally qualified to take her Green-Striped White Belt test.  And boy did she nail it!  One of the best tests in a while thanks to all the practice she put into getting ready.  Congratulations, Elizabeth.

Issac Passes First Test

On May 3, Issac took his first test and earned a promotion to jukyu (One tip).  He seemed a little nervous, but who isn’t during tests, and ran through the test just fine, passing with good marks.  Now he’s on to the next challenges.  Congratulations, Isaac.

Josh Gains Sankyu

On April 26th, Josh took the long-awaited sankyu (brown belt) test and passed.  It was no surprise to those watching that he did very well, including well executed techniques including stances, some impressive self-defenses and three tough rounds of sparring.  Congratulations, Josh.

Jaedin Passes Blue-Stripe

Jaedin took and passed his blue-striped white belt test on Saturday, April 28.  This test took perseverance and hard work but he showed off his skills during the test and passed with high marks.  Congratulations, Jaedin. Next up, Jaedin moves to the Juniors Program and more new material.

Bryant Passes First Test

On March 1, Bryant took the One-Tip test and passed with good scores and lots of enthusiasm.  He demonstrated patience, speed, and strength throughout and finished up all the hard work with a good performance.  Congratulations, Bryant.

Alex Gains 2-Tips

On February 22, Alex took his second test and did very well, especially with the partner self-defenses. He worked hard to get ready for this and we’re all proud of his accomplishments.  Congratulations, Alex.