Last Kata

On the last day in the dojo, I couldn’t leave without running one last kata. Thanks to my videographer, here’s the filmed record. After 25+ years it was a sad day but won’t be the last kata I run.

Marjorie Receives Promotion

On May 1, 2020 Marjorie completed her “zoom” test for kukyu, two-tips. A different sort of test that went well and had special help from Eric as uke. Overall, well done. And finally she made it to the dojo to get her certificate though we can’t tell if she’s smiling or not. Congratulations.

Dojo Closing

Dear Odayaka Students and Families,

After 25 years operating in the same location, we regretfully must announce that the dojo will cease operations on October 1, 2020.

We want to thank everyone who has been a part of this wonderful journey – teachers, students, families and friends. We hope in some small way we have enriched the lives of those who have been a part of this and want everyone to know how much we’ve learned and grown from having known you.

Jim Brumbaugh, sensei

Gab gains shodan (black belt)

On Saturday, August 22, 2020, Gabriele demonstrated her knowledge, skills, stamina and humble attitude by taking and passing the comprehensive test for first degree black belt. In an unusual setting, she completed the test with high marks and finished strongly against a set of determined opponents. Reaching this level isn’t something that can be done quickly and Gab certainly put in the time and effort to reach this goal.

Congratulations, Gab.

Charles gains Orange stripe

Charles continued to train and gain skills through zoom class sessions and advanced enough that he took and passed his orange striped white belt test. Congratulations, Charles who now has graduated to the Juniors program.

Gab Gains Ikkyu

On December 10, Gab took that final brown belt test and, as expected, did very well. Her technique was crisp and flawless, as was her kata and sparring. Now it’s on to black belt, where we’d expect her to do just as well. Congratulations.

Elizabeth Gains Brown Stripe

May 30 and the much anticipated brown-striped white belt test began.  Only the second time at Odayaka has someone gotten this far in the Little Dragons and Elizabeth wasn’t going to tarnish the history of that accomplishment.  She nailed it!  Excellent techniques, combinations and some good sparring against tough opponents.  Congratulations, Elizabeth.

Adriana Passes Test

May 14th, Adriana took and passed her 2-Tips test.  She exhibited some excellent techniques, being extremely careful to do each movement with near perfect execution.  Congratulations, Adriana.

Deacon Reaches 2-Tips

May 7th, Deacon took his second test and passed it with some really good techniques and a lot of enthusiasm.  And now he’s on toward the next step.  Here he is with his certificate.  Great job, Deacon.

Tim Tests for Yellow

April 30, Tim passed his third test and was promoted to shichikyu.   Tim has come back with a vengeance and trains regularly, works hard when he’s at the dojo and tries to perfect his techniques.  All that showed during his test.  Congratulations, Tim.

Kevin Gains Blue Belt

April 25th, after a long journey with unforeseen twists and turns, Kevin took and passed his rokukyu test and here he is with his certificate.  Kevin works hard and listens to his instructors, always improving as he goes.  Congratulations, Kevin.

Kalvin Passes First Test

On April 23rd, Kalvin took his first test and passed with high marks.  He practiced hard leading up to the test and all that work paid off as he got through the entire test with no problems.  Congratulations, Kalvin.

Bruce Reaches Godan

On April 6, 2019, Bruce became the first member of Odayaka Martial Arts to attain the rank of godan (5th degree black belt).  Below is a photo of sensei presenting Bruce with his certificate.  This comes after years of dedicated training and teaching and is certainly well deserved.  We all should thank Bruce for his help along our karate journey and congratulate him on his promotion.

Steve Earns Jukyu

On Saturday, March 23, Steve took his first test and got promoted to Jukyu.  He has worked diligently on all the material and it showed as he passed with fine marks.  The smile says it all.  Congratulations, Steve.

Augustus Passes Two-Tips

March 14 saw Augustus take his second test which he passed easily after all the hard work he’d done to get ready.  He even received a 9+ on one kihon which is a rare score for anyone.  Congratulations, Augustus.  Great going.

Davin Passes Yellow Belt Test

February 28th found Davin ready to take the test that jumps him into the Juniors program with a new belt.  And pass he did with some excellent techniques and a great attitude.  Congratulate Davin when you see him.