Sensei Ed Wojciechowski Seminar

Below are the self defense techniques that Sensei Ed Wojciechowski taught during our seminar on June 3, 2018.

Bilateral Pressure Points and Angle of Attack

Sensei Ed Wojciechowski discusses bilateral pressure points (which are mirrored on the right and left sides of the body) and how attacking them at an angle (rather than straight on) is more effective.

Waza #1

Opponent attacks by grabbing right shoulder with left hand (straight grab)

  1. Left noboru seiken to right side of jaw/chin
  2. Left tetsui strike down to opponent’s left forearm, then pull down and in
  3. Step in right with right noboru seiken to left side of jaw/chin

Steps 1 and 3 target bilateral pressure points.

Waza #2

This technique is similar to our gekisai bogyu waza #3, but this one is done on the inside.

Opponent punches right

  1. Clash defense – Step in right with right shuto uke to opponent’s right forearm and a left shotei tsuki underneath to the right side of opponent’s jaw
  2. Left hand slides down opponent’s right arm and grabs the wrist
  3. Right shuto (or forearm) strike to the right side of opponent’s neck (don’t “wind up” – the strike should come from initial hand location)

Waza #3

This is a direct attack, not a response to an opponent’s attack.

  1. Use a deep C-step to step inside opponent’s stance and bump the knee outward
  2. Morote shotei/seiken/ryotuken tsuki to upper pectoral pressure points (push only for practice instead of hard strike)

Waza #4

This technique is from seiunchin kata

Opponent attacks with a cross wrist grab (right hand to right hand)

  1. Use left (free) hand to trap the grabbing hand and rotate into kote hineri
  2. Left arm over opponent’s right arm and pull in against forearm pressure point
  3. Left hand grabs opponent’s right hand, then turn it left in to kote gaeshi
  4. Right forearm strike to right side of neck

Waza #5

An alternate application for our anaku bogyu waza #2

Opponent punches (or grabs) with the right hand

  1. Instead of chudan uke, wrap left arm over and come under opponent’s arm into a chudan uke position
  2. Step right to behind opponent’s right leg and sweep to throw
  3. Two seiken tsuki

Waza #6

  1. Both are in a quasi-judo grip (two double-lapel grabs, opponent’s grip is outside)
  2. Left hand drops down to shuto strike on opponent’s right forearm, then pull down
  3. Right hand comes under opponent’s left elbow and pushes up
  4. Rotate arms in a left tora guchi motion to cross opponent’s arms
  5. Right hand pins opponent’s crossed arms against their body
  6. Step in left and seiken tsuki left to chin/jaw

Waza #7

Defense against a full nelson, from the opening moves of rohai (shorin-ryu version)

Opponent attempts full nelson from behind

  1. Drop into kiba dachi, hands up in front and elbows in to trap opponent’s hands
  2. Reach across with left hand to grab fingers on opponent’s right hand
  3. Twist down and pull left – opponent starts to move around the right side
  4. Right horizontal shuto uchi to neck
  5. Step right leg in front of opponent’s leg, hook right hand around back and throw forward

Waza #8

Opponent approaches from left side and grabs left arm (near bicep) with left hand

  1. Bring left arm up to chudan uke position to trap hand
  2. Turn left to apply wrist lock
  3. Open left hand and turn to grab opponent’s arm
  4. Right seiken to left side of face
  5. Step in and right mai geri to inside of right thigh
  6. Right gedan barai (forearm strike) to side of neck

Waza #9

Alternate or modified jodan uke

Opponent throws high gyaku seiken tsuki

  1. Jodan uke, but modified to a combination block and punch to temple

Waza #10

This is an alternate application for gedan barai and jodan uke

Opponent steps in with right seiken tsuki

  1. Dodge left with left chudan soto uke to elbow, right seiken to ribs (end up in starting position of gedan barai)
  2. Right hand back to kaishite, left forearm pushes opponent’s arm down, pinning it against body (executing the gedan barai motion)
  3. Step in right with modified jodan uke (forearm strike to neck)

Waza #11

Opponent attacks with cross wrist grab (left to left)

  1. Raise left hand up
  2. Right shuto uchi to tricep, roll forward (alternate for morote shuto uke)
  3. Step in right, mai geri to inside of right thigh
  4. Right foot is in front of opponent’s left leg
  5. Swing left foot behind to kosa dachi (behind opponent’s leg)
  6. Left hand pulls arm back to left side
  7. Empi uchi downward to spine (alternate to uraken uchi)
  8. Sit down to put pressure on knee and hip

Waza #12

Opponent attacks with cross wrist grab (left to left)

  1. Raise left hand up
  2. Step in right with forearm strike to inside of forearm
  3. End up sideways, like naihanchi, with right foot behind opponent’s left leg
  4. Drop in to kiba dachi
  5. Right forearm strike across neck, backward throw

Waza #13

Alternate application to opening moves of wansu kata

Opponent attacks with two handed lapel grab

  1. Magetori barai into right shuto strike to inside of right forearm
  2. Both hands grab opponent’s right hand, pull into body and turn into wrist lock
  3. Left downward forearm strike to opponent’s right forearm
  4. Turn to left with right empi uchi to head