About Us

Odayaka Martial Arts Studio opened in Chardon, Ohio in 1995 as a locally owned and operated, non-franchised school. We are the longest-running teaching martial arts school in the Chardon area. Our primary purpose is to teach and practice Shorei-ryu karate, a traditonal Okinawan empty-hand style that developed from antique Okinawan Naha-te and has roots in Chinese Shaolin Temple Boxing.

At Odayaka, karate is taught for real people, in real life situations. We believe that people of all ages can benefit from the study of karate and develop useful skills for handling situations that occur in normal life as well as in critical situations.

Our student body is made up of adults as well as elementary, middle, high school and home school students. The social atmosphere of Odayaka is overwhelmingly supportive, family friendly and helpful to all students. We welcome beginners as well as transfer students from other styles.

The curriculum is oriented toward training in practical self-defense as well as martial arts for fitness, mental clarity, self-improvement and art form. Additionally, many mature students study Shorei-ryu as a path toward personal enlightenment.


James Brumbaugh, hachidan (8th degree black belt)

Sensei James BrumbaughSensei Brumbaugh is head instructor and co-founder of Odayaka Martial Arts Studio. He has over 50 years of experience teaching and studying martial arts and is certified by Kondo No Shokai, the international organization for preservation of Shorei-ryu karate.

Sensei Brumbaugh originally practiced judo, followed later by taekwondo and then karate, receiving his shodan in 1979. His goal is to promote and preserve the Shorei style by teaching students and instructors that karate’s purpose is to build better people who may then better serve their communities. Sensei continues to actively train and expand his knowledge of the martial arts.

Carolyn Berg, yondan (4th degree black belt)

Carolyn BergCarolyn Berg is one of the co-founders of Odayaka Martial Arts Studio. She holds the title of Shihan-dai and serves on the governing board. She has been certified by Kondo No Shokai and since the inception of OMAS in 1995, has been instrumental in developing and implementing student curriculum. Ms. Berg has helped to facilitate various activities over the years including personal safety classes for women, community demonstrations, and participation in local non-profit organizations.

Bruce Baird, godan (5th degree black belt)

Bruce BairdBruce Baird is a co-owner of Odayaka Martial Arts Studio, holds the title of Sensei and serves on the governing board. He began studying Shorei-ryu in 1996 and earned his first dan ranking in 2000. He is Kondo No Shokai certified. Sensei Baird co-teaches in the junior and adult karate programs at Odayaka and works with ADD/ADHD students as well as organizing and running introductory programs and demonstrations in schools and day care centers. He is also a practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi classes at Odayaka.

Lynn Forbes, yondan (4th degree black belt)

Lynn ForbesLynn Forbes is a co-owner of Odayaka Martial Arts Studio and serves on the governing board. In 1995 she began training in ITF Taekwondo in which she holds a first dan. In 1998 she began training in Shorei-ryu, earned her first dan in 2001 and became Kondo No Shokai certified. She assists in teaching classes. She has developed Adapted Awareness & Self-defense and Women’s Self-Defense classes for the Geauga YMCA, Geauga Parks System and local community centers. Ms. Forbes is a student of Iaido and a practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi at Odayaka.

Dan Means, yondan (4th degree black belt)

Dan Means has been with Odayaka Martial Arts Studio since 2007, is Kondo No Shokai certified and serves on the dojo’s governing board. Dan previously trained in ITF Taekwondo, where he achieved the rank of first dan, and also holds rank in Japanese jujistu. Dan teaches in the junior and adult classes, and has developed and taught Adapted Awareness & Self-defense classes for the Lake County Metroparks and local community centers.

Jo Bonanno, sandan (3rd degree black belt)

Jo Bonanno has been with Odayaka Martial Arts Studio since 2007, is Kondo No Shokai certified and serves on the dojo’s governing board. Jo previously trained in shotokan, where she achieved the rank of green belt. Jo teaches in the junior and adult classes and has co-instructed in self-defense/safety awareness classes.