About Us

Odayaka Martial Arts Studio opened in Chardon, Ohio in 1995 as a locally owned and operated, non-franchised school. We are the longest-running teaching martial arts school in the Chardon area. Our primary purpose is to teach and practice Shorei-ryu karate, a traditonal Okinawan empty-hand style that developed from antique Okinawan Naha-te and has roots in Chinese Shaolin Temple Boxing.

At Odayaka, karate is taught for real people, in real life situations. We believe that people of all ages can benefit from the study of karate and develop useful skills for handling situations that occur in normal life as well as in critical situations.

Our student body is made up of adults as well as elementary, middle, high school and home school students. The social atmosphere of Odayaka is overwhelmingly supportive, family friendly and helpful to all students. We welcome beginners as well as transfer students from other styles.

The curriculum is oriented toward training in practical self-defense as well as martial arts for fitness, mental clarity, self-improvement and art form. Additionally, many mature students study Shorei-ryu as a path toward personal enlightenment.